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Welcome to experience the north carelian nature.

Finland is the land of thoulsand lakes and islands. In north carelia you can feel the silence and the beauty of finish nature.

Korpisoturi Ltd offers you adventures which you haven’t even dreamed of yet .We will take you to paths, paddling, rocks, fishing, hunting, atv/snowmobile/husky-safaris, rafting, mountain bike trips etc. we will rent you cabins, villas, outbuilding accommondation and all the equipment that you need. With Korpisoturi you can hear, see and feel the nature in a new different way.

The World is full of adventures. Let s find yours!



Korpishop in Koli rents:

Snowmobiles, atvs, fishing gear (ice also), canoes, boats, motorboats, mountain bikes, sleeping bags, backpacks, tents, rubbershoes, snowshoes, and movies (dvd)

sales(at )korpisoturi.fi, phone + 358 400 159 204


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We provide outbuilding accomdation in Kiviniemi adventure centre. And we also rent cabins and Villas from our Korpishop in koli. There is a large collection of differend sizes and how equipped the cabins are. Theres also luxury villas available. the cabins and villas are located in all around koli. And the prices include cleaning and sheets.

Booking and Prices:

sales(at )korpisoturi.fi, phone + 358 (0) 452 709 100


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Driving instructions to Kiviniemi adventure centre

Attn! Moustly old navigator show wrong way. Please, follow instrutions below!

From Joensuusta: Road 6 to Kajaani about 40 km. Turn right to road 515 Ahveninen. Drive two km. Then turn left to road Heraniemi. Drive 9 km. turn right to road Mustalahti and drive 2,7 km. T-cross to left and 300 meters to parking place.

In courtyard can be pets. Please, leave your vehicle to parking place.


Contact sales(at)korpisoturi.fi or mobile +358 (0) 400 159 204

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We make different kind of adventure-activities for the groups. In Koli we also sell the activities for individual customers from our korpishop which is in koli village next to local grocery store Sale. We also do longer projects with accomondation, food supply, and activities. So from us you can get whole package for your group.


-Fishing trips (also ice fishing)

-Hiking trips ( from 2hrs-2 days)

-canoe trips (from 2 hrs- 2 days)


-Snowmobile safari ( from 1hrs-2 days)

-atv safaris (from 1-8 hrs)

-Husky safaris (from 2 km – 8 hrs)


- Rocks ( from 14 – 50 meters high)

-Mountain bike trips (from 2 hrs-2 days)

Most of our activities are located in Koli area but we also provide activities in all North carelia.

Contact: Group sales Mr. Jukka Laapotti.

phone +358 40 841 6919 or jukka(at )korpisoturi.fi


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Korpishop is located in koli village.

Korpishop rents:

Icefishing gear, skiees, snowshoes, snowmobiles,

hiking gear, tents, fishing equip., boats, canoes, atv's,

mountain bikes,

Accomondation in Koli:

cabins, Villas and outbuildings

Activities in Koli:

Trips: Icefishing, fishing, paddling, snowshoe,

rocks, rafting  mountain bike

and safaris (atv, snowmobile and husky)

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